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Capital: a Systems Reboot for the Climate Transition
Thursday 28 September
6.00 - 8.00 pm
Whitby Wood
91-94 Lower Marsh,
London SE1 7AB
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A talk by Manuel Magalhaes, CEO Materra Systemic Labs

We are moving through a point in our history where the degradation of our (economic and non-economic) systems are hurtling us towards disastrous societal and ecological tipping points.

Large asset owners (such as pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, etc.), with their longer investment horizon and their understanding of escalating socio-economic pressures, are now undergoing (and forcing) a significant reprioritisation of capital and a radical transformation of the financial system itself in a race against systemic breakdowns.

This systems reboot will turn into a crisis for some and an opportunity of a lifetime for others in the real estate sector, a sector responsible for around 40% of global GHG emissions.

Manuel Magalhaes is an advisor to governments, global corporations and large asset owners on cross-sectoral interventions and capital allocations towards a more inclusive and resilient climate transition.