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Climate Emergency Response – an Engineering Agenda
Wednesday, 10 July 2019 from 18:30 to 20:00
Andy Catlin / Alamy Stock Photo
The Building Centre
26 Store Street
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An Engineering Club discussion event

How should engineering professionals respond to the Climate Emergency? With the built environment contributing as much as 50% to CO2 emissions, related professionals should be at the centre of the action. Engineers should also be able to see the bigger picture. Empty promises are no longer acceptable. Action is needed. So do we need a revolution, radical ideas and a complete overhaul of our infrastructure for a less consumptive future? Should Engineers be taking the lead? What is the role of the Institutions (are there too many of them?). Some would argue that the facts required to make key engineering decisions are still not understood or available. All this will come to nothing unless we can make an impact on the world stage, but does the current socio-economic climate make it difficult for professionals to take such a lead? The evening is an opportunity for engineers and other built environment professionals to address what needs to be done.

Panelists include
Mark Whitby – Whitby Wood (Chairing)
Patrick Bellew - Atelier Ten
Kelly Harrison - Heyne Tillett Steel
Fergus Anderson – Buro Happold Engineering
Alistair Shaw - Max Fordham
Mel Allwood - Arup