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Flybrid: From F1 to Tower Cranes
Tuesday 18 April 2023
6.00 - 8.00 pm
200kW flywheel hybrid system with a Dyson Lola B12/60 LMP1 (Le Mans Prototype – Class 1)
The Building Society
55 Whitfield Street
London W1T 4HE
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A talk by Tobias Knichel, Managing Director of PUNCH Flybrid Ltd.

A flywheel is a proven alternative to the electrochemical battery with power transmitted by a rotor mounted motor-generator. Unlike batteries, flywheels can withstand tens of thousands of deep discharges and do not degrade significantly over time leading to overall lower cost per charge cycle.

The technology can be used to capture energy from a vehicle or machine that would normally be wasted. The recuperated energy can then be used to help power the vehicle or machine, thus improving performance, saving fuel and reducing emissions. The technology can also be used to balance peak loads in dynamic duty cycles.

The Flybrid technology was developed from racing vehicles where new rules encouraged manufacturers to look beyond engine power output for a new era of marginal gains. The spin-off applications include machines such as cranes, hoists, lifts, pumps and many more.

This talk will examine the development of flywheel technologies and their potential contribution to a low carbon economy, giving examples of how the Flybrid technology is doing so now and where it is going in the future.