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The Fearless Pursuit of Advantage - Marianne Hinson
4 February
8-13 Fitzroy Street
Free of charge
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Formula One is the pinnacle of motorsport, but it is notoriously secretive due to its competitive nature. It is a fast moving environment in which engineers from numerous engineering and tech disciplines collaborate and innovate to solve problems quickly. Lead times are short, development cycles are relentless and almost every component, system or software is a prototype. Every race weekend these designs are tested to the limit - and often beyond. All this energy is focussed on pursuing an advantage as small as a tenth of a second – every race weekend – before starting the process all over again for the following year.

It is a world that can seem far removed from everyday life, and from real-world engineering challenges. Nevertheless these technologies and skills do filter into other areas of engineering - often in unexpected ways.

Marianne Hinson has been working in Formula One aerodynamics since she graduated nearly 20 years ago. She currently works as McLaren Racing’s Aerodynamic Process Manager. She is passionate about telling people – young people in particular – about the many varied kinds of engineering and tech roles that play a part in motorsport at this level, how they can be applied elsewhere, and passing on how much fun it is!

Kindly hosted by Arup