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Xlinks - importing low-cost green energy to the UK
Thursday 23 March 2023
6.00 - 8.00pm
Kindly Hosted by
Heyne Tillett Steel
16 Chart Street,
London N1 6DD

****please note change of venue for this talk****
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Generating our electricity in North Africa and importing it by undersea cable may have seemed a far-fetched idea 20 years ago, but Xlinks plans to achieve exactly that in 10 years time. Their first project aims to provide 8% of UK electricity supply through a combination of wind, solar and battery storage - connecting it to Britain with a HVDC cable running nearly 4,000km on the seabed from Morocco. Their CEO Simon Morrish will take us through the politics, economics and engineering of this ambitious project which could become a vital part of our zero-carbon future.

****please note change of venue for this talk****