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Cool Compression: Power from liquid nitrogen - Tim Ajayi
The Building Centre,
Store Street,
Free to attend
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Tim Ajayi - Chief Industrialisation Engineer, Dearman

Dearman’s groundbreaking zero-emission engine is powered by liquid nitrogen to provide clean cold and power. The technology has a number of applications; in transport refrigeration units (TRUs), and also in buses, data centres and mining. A classic garden shed invention, it went on to receive £6 million in government grants and a further £16 million in private investment to further develop its TRU application, which was then taken on trial by supermarket giant Sainsbury’s. Why does cold matter? 70% of food produced in the UK is chilled or frozen and diesel-powered technologies are coming under increasing scrutiny due to the challenges posed to air quality and human health. The Dearman engine is an alternative technology that affordably meets the sustainability agenda. How does the technology work? What are its benefits and potential markets? And what are the company’s future plans? Chief Industrialisation Engineer, Tim Ayaji, will be speaking on these issues and more.

Tim Ajayi joined Dearman in May as the company’s Chief Industrialisation Engineer and has extensive experience in delivering high-value engineering projects from concept through to manufacturing. Before Dearman, Tim had amassed 18 years at companies including Caterpillar, Cummins, Ebselon, Shell, and before that being a mechanical engineering graduate.