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Heat Autonomy – life after district heating
Wednesday 18 Sptember 2019
6.30 - 8.00pm
The Building Centre
Store Street
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New homes with less energy needs should allow the energy systems to become smaller, simpler and at less capital cost. Yet our industry seems to be delivering the complete opposite. Drawing on the work done with various developers and housing associations, Chris Twinn will explain an approach to high density housing heat provision that reduces the systems costs by as much as 35%, carbon emissions by some 70%, energy bills by 25%.

Chris’ experience includes 28 years with Arup, as a director and Arup Fellow, on projects based in the UK and worldwide, with extended periods based in Shanghai and in Sydney. His projects include, among many others, the world-renowned BedZED project, the Kingspan Lighthouse - first to achieve level 6 of the Code for Sustainable Homes, Portcullis House Westminster, through to Eco-city masterplanning and zero carbon projects in China. One of his current projects is masterplanning a 150,000 population new urban extension to Kigali focusing on achieving zero carbon, water autonomy, and 10% car usage. Much of his work since setting up his own practice has been exploring the principle that a more efficient built environment using less natural resources should mean sustainability costs less than business-as-usual.