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Hydrogen Future
Thursday 18 June
4.00 to 5.30pm
Online talk
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A talk by Mike Dolmen of Element Energy looking at the potential of hydrogen in the UK's future energy mix. Alongside an introduction to hydrogen, he will look at its potential role in achieving Net Zero, and barriers / challenges still to be overcome, drawing on experience from some of the pilot projects they are involved with.

Element Energy is a specialist energy consultancy, with a reputation for rigorous and insightful analysis. They provide consultancy services across a wide range of low carbon energy sectors, including transport, power generation, energy networks (including energy storage), and the built environment. Element Energy has a specialism in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies, which can be applied in many of these sectors, and has been working in this area since the company’s formation in 2003.

Michael Dolman is an Associate Director at Element Energy and has over a decade’s experience working across the low carbon energy sector. In recent years Mike’s work has focused on hydrogen transport and he has led many of Element Energy’s activities in this area. Since 2015 Mike has managed a number of initiatives aimed at delivering coordinated deployment of fuel cell buses across Europe as part of efforts to commercialise this zero emission technology. He oversees the coordination of Europe’s flagship fuel cell bus projects (JIVE and JIVE 2) and is involved in planning larger scale roll-out from the early 2020s. Mike also led the funding application for a fuel cell truck demonstration project in 2018 and is coordinating the resulting H2Haul project.