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Medical Imaging and its impact on Medicine - Liz Beckmann
The Building Centre,
Store Street,
Free to attend
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The impact of technology, and engineering in particular on the world of medicine over the past 50 years has been immense. There is no area of medicine which has not been effected and which has not changed due to these innovations. One of the greatest impacts was the invention of the CT scanner in the 1970 and the development of imaging since. Alongside the use of robots and other computer developments this has taken medical specialities such as surgery to new levels.

Liz Beckmann gained a degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at King's College London, where she was one of the few women studying Engineering. She has been working in the medical imaging world for over 30 years.? She started her career with EMI Medical in the early days of computerised tomography (CT). She has also worked for GE, AMI hospitals, Picker and was Managing Director of Elscint (GB) before founding Lanmark Medical Innovations, with Dr Neil Ridyard, in 1989. Liz was President of the British Institute of Radiology from 1993-94, and is co-author of the book "Godfrey Hounsfield: intuitive genius of CT”.

Her lecture will explore some of the technology developments over the period and present examples of their impact on areas of medicine and surgery.