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Are all Futures now Dystopian? A Debate.
Tuesday 13 February
6 - 8.30pm
Kindly hosted by Heyne Tillet Steel,
Chart House, 16 Chart St,
London N1 6DD
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A debate about how we create visions of the future.

Pestilence, conflict, climate change, AI, eco-cide: those who imagine the world of tomorrow don’t have a lot of good news to work with at the moment. Have we reached a point where we (writers, designers, politicians) can no longer create an optimistic vision of the future? Or can we foresee a way to engineer ourselves out of this mess?

Let’s debate with:

Emma Dent-Coad - Architectural writer, politician
Steve Webb - Engineer, thinker, Webb Yates Engineers
Rishka Reccani - Maritime Electrical Engineer, Arup
Chris Churchman - Environmental campaigner, cquester

Plus you, the audience - come and have your say.

Produced in association with Sekforde Sessions