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Engineers and their own Homes
Thursday 2 February 2023
6.00 - 8.00 pm
Evolution of domestic heat and cooking, Venice Biennale 2014
8 -13 Fitzroy Street
London W1
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What do Engineers (and other professionals) do in their own home to reduce energy consumption and plan for Net Zero?

A number of leading practitioners in environmental engineering have granted us a privileged look behind the scenes in their own homes where they are practising what they preach and even going beyond for the purposes of research. These are all retrofit schemes in standard housing types some very recent and some carried out over a period of 30+ years: all providing really useful information for applying measures elsewhere. Many have pioneered new technologies to see how they perform. There are insights into finance, EPCs and other evaluation methodologies along with candid assessments of 'what works' and what should be put in the 'difficult' column.

Dan Epstein, Expedition Engineering
Chris Twinn, TwinnSustainabilityInnovation
Hetty Horton, Buro Happold
Alasdair Young, Buro Happold
Hannah Jones, Greengauge
Dr Bill Bordass, Usable Buildings.