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Airships Past, present and future Talk by Dr Giles Camplin, Vice Chairman of the Airship Association


Dr Giles Camplin has been a keen advocte of lighter than air (LTA) technologies for many years, both dirigibles and free balloons. He has been involved in a number of LTA projects including within the entertainment industry, and has also been involved in the preparations for several world record attempts. Giles specialises in historical research and has a great interest in the ground handling aspect of LTA vehicles.


His talk provided a technical review of some of the historical and current engineering aspects of lighter than air LTA craft and examined why they have never regained the prominence they once had during the early part of the last century.  Yet they constantly fascinate us with their technical challenges and potential to solve some of our contemporary transport issues.


Dr Giles Camplin is Vice Chairman of the Airship Association and Editor of the Airship Heritage Trust Journal – Dirigible.


This event took place on 12 December 2013