Talk / 2 June 2016


Bosco Verticale Stefano Boeri



The 'bioclimatic' skyscraper was pioneered in tropical countries and has often been considered inappropriate for temperate Northern European zones. Yet this notion has now been challenged by the Bosco Verticale project in Milan. This features two high-density tower blocks with integrated photovoltaic energy systems and trees and vegetation planted on the facade. The plants will help capture CO2 and dust in the air, reduce the need to mechanically heat and cool the tower’s apartments. They will also make a stunning urban amenity.


However there were many technical issues to overcome in order to locate over 800 medium-size trees and 15,000 smaller plants in the structure of the two towers - and to predict how they will adapt over time. It took over two years of working with botanists to decide which trees would be most appropriate for the buildings and the climate.


Architect Stefano Boeri will explain the concept and development of the project.



Congress House (Trades Union Congress Memorial Building),

Great Russell Street, London WC1



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