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We are Engineers with passion and expertise in the design and delivery of high quality buildings, structures and public spaces. We care about the impact of our engineering on the community, the environment and the economy. We pursue our work with commitment and conviction.


The Practice Principles first worked together in 2001 and this successful partnership forged the character now evolved into Civic Engineers, with studios in Manchester and London augmented by a growing group of like minded professionals. Our building projects include housing of all types, conversion of listed buildings, commercial buildings, health and educational facilities, strategic public realm, transport and movement studies and arts and leisure developments.


We provide civil and structural engineering design and consultancy services which involves listening, researching, learning, understanding, questioning, discussing, writing, designing, managing, drawing and implementing.


We like to get to know the places in which we work and the people with whom we work - clients, collaborators and contractors. Our aim is to make high quality designs that are appropriate to their brief, economical to build and maintain, and explore ideas before committing to a particular solution. This involves challenging complacent thinking in ourselves and others, sometimes resulting in counter-intuitive proposals. We believe that good value is achieved through good design.


Our aim is to avoid damaging our environment, and we are interested in exploring how solutions can be enhanced by doing less - enhancement by removal, improving quality without adding complexity.


We have an excellent track record in delivering bespoke and specialist civil and structural engineering solutions across the UK, many of which have won awards.



Manchester office

Carver's Warehouse

77 Dale Street


M1 2HG


tel 0161 228 6757




London office

Lloyds Wharf

2 Mill Street



tel: 020 7253 2977