Talk / 17 September, 6.30pm


The Dearman Liquid Air Engine Peter Dearman


In Summer 2013 we featured a talk by Professor Seamus Garvey of developing new ways to store renewable energy when it is plentiful. One option for this is liquid air which stores energy as both power and cold, which is a unique advantage for applications which require cooling (i.e. refrigeration or air conditioning) and raises the efficiency of conventional engines.


The Dearman engine is a novel piston engine powered by the phase-change expansion of liquid air or liquid nitrogen. The only exhaust is cold air. It was invented by Peter Dearman, a classic British ‘garden shed’ inventor. Peter has already demonstrated his engine on a modified car, and it is now being developed by the Dearman Engine Company. The first application of the engine, zero-emission transport refrigeration, is in demonstration this summer.


Talk takes place on 17 September 2014 at 6:30pm


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