Talk / 16 July 6.30pm


Engineering in the Developing World

Kindly hosted by Alan Baxter Limited


Many engineers give time and resources generously to help projects such as schools, bridges and other communal schemes in Africa, Asia and elsewhere in the world. Some via large international charities, others respond more directly. Members of The Engineering Club will present schemes that they have undertaken and share their experiences with others involved in the delivery of such projects.


Speakers include:


Geoff Morrow, StructureMode on St Jerome’s Centre - an orphanage near Nakuru in Kenya.


Greg Chandler, Arup on the Ntunga Maternity Centre in Rwanda.


Mark Whitby on the CODEP library project in Sierra Leone which became centre of the Ebola crisis.


Nick Cheek, Michael Hadi Associates with projects in Burkina Faso and Uganda and latest news on reconstruction efforts in Nepal.


There will be an open discussion about what is involved in undertaking these projects and how to ensure they are successful for the recipients of the development aid. What are the rewards for the participating engineers also?


Followed by refreshments.


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Talk takes place on 16 July 2015 at 6.30pm



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