Course / Starts 19 March 2019

Drawing Gymnasium Led by Trevor Flynn

4 x 2.5 hour evening sessions:

19, 26 March and 2, 9 April 2019


Venue: tbc



"Isometric Drawing was very useful for sharing structural details. I will use this form of drawing the most in my work"

G. Walker


The Drawing Gymnasium is a freehand drawing course to motivate effective communication and provide a broad set of skills for expressing ideas in the design process.


Run with D R A W I N G A T W O R K, the course is specifically aimed at practicing engineers but students, architects, manufacturers, set designers and others keen to improve their drawing skills have all benefited from the course. Individuals are encouraged to progress at a comfortable pace in a stimulating and supportive atmosphere.


Emphasis lies in communication rather than virtuoso drawing performances, and we work with a range of exercises from semi-formal (where line weight is critical), to 'conversational sketches' for rapid idea generation. Each attendee works from the Dr@w teaching sketchbook to rapidly learn techniques including axonometric, one and two point perspective, and section.


One aim of the course is to build confidence in your own drawing ability. The second week has been designed as a self-learning session where the delegates undertake the assignments without a teacher to build self-reliance. You will be given materials and guidance on how this works during the first session.



A limited number of student places are available. Please contact us for these details.


Please send an email to

to register your interest.




£225 + VAT for Engineering Club members

£295 + VAT for non-members