Talk / 27 June 2018 6.30 – 8.00pm

LFA: Integrity and Identity - Vive la Difference?

The collaboration of architect and engineer has been a fruitful one in recent years, but has it been at the expense of "identity" and creative urbanism? It is a debate as old as modernism and beyond: whilst engineering brings the "virtues" of rigour, clarity and economy, does it also have the tendency to create a bland and functional architecture and city environment?  Meanwhile the "most virtuous" of the engineer professions – the environmental engineer – is still barely considered in the debate. Infrastructure rules our daily lives, so should the creative engineer be at the forefront of city planning? Or is the reality, as the cartoonist Louis Hellman once commented, that the art of the engineer is to "buttress by computation the architect's reputation."


These premises will be presented and discussed by a panel of architects, engineers and writers who embrace a diversity of approaches.



Marc Mimram. Architect, Engineer, Philosophe - Studio Marc Mimram, Paris

Elly Ward, Designer -  Elly Ward Studio; formerly Ordinary Architecture/FAT.

Steve Webb; Engineer – Webb Yates Engineers

Maria Smith; Architect, Writer, student of Engineering – Interrobang!

Nick Cramp; Environmental Engineer

Max Fordham


27 June 2018 6.30 – 8.00pm



Congress Centre

28 Great Russell Street




Free to attend but booking essential


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The event is produced by The Engineering Club as part of the London Festival of Architecture whose theme is “identity”.