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35m long Glass stair, the concept and context:

The staircase has a total length of approximately 35 metres between the +2.85m level and + 12.75m level. Laminated glass treads and landing panels span 2m metres between steel stringer plates supporting imposed load of 4kPa or 4kN point load at mid span. It is the first applications of ULS design philosophy in the design of glass as well as first glass stair in public building of that scale in the country.



Top hung Oval stair

100t, top hung stair has an elliptical geometry with external dimensions as D=11.4м, d=7.5м and spans between five floors, with stair width 2.3m, curved glass balustrade on both sides.

The stair deck comprised of  a tapered fabricated steel box section supported on inner perimeter stringer edge with 8 No. Ø56mm steel rods.



Winner of an Institution of Structural Engineers award 2013


At Malishev Engineers, established Jan. 2004, we offer high quality, creative structural design consultancy both in the UK and internationally, using our knowledge and experience in structural engineering to deliver the best possible value to our clients.


We are working on a collaborative and supportive basis with architects, other consulting engineers, and materials manufacturers. Our projects have been nominated for various engineering and architectural awards. We have worked internationally in countries like France, USA, UAE and Russia.



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18m long structural glass walkway at 150 Cheapside, London