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Newtecnic are multidisciplinary building engineers who design building forms from concept to fabrication on large scale or complex projects.


The Newtecnic approach, based on research from first principles, allows the company to achieve design excellence, from concept to construction, of the complete building, including engineering design for structure, facades, MEP and internal environment. Newtecnic designs with 3D BIM models that become highly evolved during the design process.


Newtecnic are one-stop-shop building engineers for complex or highly ambitious construction projects and state-of-the-art building envelope systems. Newtecnic are a design and engineering consultancy that designs building structures, MEP and envelopes in collaboration with leading international architects and contractors. Founded in 2005, Newtecnic operates as an entirely employee-owned and operated organization. Management of the company has come from within the ranks of the staff, with the team of design professionals completely and solely dedicated to design, engineering, and consulting for the building envelope. Newtecnic currently comprises two principals, two associate directors, four senior associates, four associates, and a supporting team of building engineers. The senior team of eight people have worked together for the past ten years.


Newtecnic undertakes the design and engineering of structures, MEP and envelopes for ambitious projects, developed from first principles, from early design development with architects, through to the production of full size physical mock-ups, and continuing with the construction phase of projects. The production of a full size mock-up of a structure/facade/MEP interface assembly is an essential design tool for Newtecnic; a proof of concept at the mid design stage, before tender bids are obtained for the construction. We work with innovative concepts using the most current technology and materials available, often as engineers at the fabrication stage for contractors.


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