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Offshore Renewables Long Term Ask the questions, do the maths!


The importance of offshore renewables to the UK can hardly be overstated. The annual UK energy bill is £100Bn in round numbers - very close to the total current spending on the NHS. The offshore energy resource available is sufficient to supply all UK energy demands and more besides. The resource itself is extremely reliable in that no external power can switch it off or charge us for using it. Moreover, it is completely sustainable. The UK is taking some steps towards exploiting this resource and will certainly spend close to £100Bn before 2025 on infrastructure. All of this is good in the short term - but longer term issues need far greater attention.


Seamus D. Garvey, Professor of Dynamics and Director of the Rolls-Royce UTC in Gas Turbine Transmissions, University of Nottingham, will look at the obstacles towards significant use of offshore renewables and demonstrate how all the answers point to a different approach.


This event took place on 18 July 2013