Talk / Tuesday 6 October 2015


Jean Prouvé 6x6 Demountable House

Kindly hosted by The Building Centre


Presentation and discussion with Ivan Harbour - Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, Bob Lang - Arup and Klaus Bode - ChapmanBDSP on their recreation and adaptation of the Prouve 6x6 demountable house for the Galerie Patrick Seguin in 2015. The modern adaptation is intended as a single room holiday let


The original 6x6 design was developed by Prouvé specifically for rehousing civilians in Lorraine, France, following the second world war. It was one of a series of prefabricated steel, wood and aluminium houses Prouvé created to tackle similar problems around the country.


Made entirely from wood and metal, the houses are easily transported and quickly assembled. The adaption is based on Jean Prouvé’s original plans, with the addition of modern living facilities including a satellite bathroom and kitchen as well as a series of service trolleys providing hot water and solar powered electricity.


Date: Tuesday 6 October 2015



The Building Centre,

Store Street,

London WC1


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