Competition / Spring 2017


Engineering Sketches Competition 2017

Entries are invited for the 5th Engineering Sketches Competition run by the Engineering Club and Drawing at Work.


Closing date for entries: 31 March 2017.


Prize-giving and exhibition opens: 24 April 2017


There will be a main prize of £500 awarded by the judges for the best overall sketch submitted.


There will also be cash prizes of £200 for the best entry in the following 3 categories:


Concept Sketch or group of sketches: an explanation of a design proposal. This is a sketch or combination of sketches which presents a design through engaging technical drawings e.g. multiple drawings on a sheet or sheets containing sections, details that may be drawn bigger than the main sketch.


Process Sketch or group of sketches: showing how the germ of an idea is worked through to produce a conclusive design brief. These sketches may be procedural sequences that tell the story of a proposal. They may include combinations of section, single point perspective, isometric, oblique, exploded diagrams etc.


The Conversational Sketch: showing the immediate informal explanation of an engineering design solution. This can be an initial ‘napkin’ concept sketch or, at the other end of the process, site notebook sketches.


There will also be smaller, discretionary prizes for commended entries that best show engineering ideas and design thinking through hand-drawn sketching in all categories.


 Entries can relate to real projects that have already been built, current projects in development or ideas for the future. The judges will be looking for drawings that show a combination of technical knowledge, sketching skill, and invention in the way ideas can be explained.


Each entry should have an informative title and can be accompanied, either in a covering note or on the drawing itself, by a short sentence explaining the intention of the sketch.


 The competition is open to employees of Engineering Club members and is free to enter. Entries from non-members are welcomed and a small administrative charge of £10.00 per entry will be made. Entrants can be based in both the UK and overseas.


Please submit your entries using an ftp site (do not attach large files to emails) to

and provide the following information.





Category and short description of the sketch/es submitted.



Competition Judges for Engineering Sketches 2016 will include

Trevor Flynn, Drawing at Work

Yanchee Lau, Eckersley O’Callaghan

Andrew Scoones, ngenuity Ltd

Mark Whitby, The Engineering Club

Overall winner 2015: Yanchee Lau, Eckersley O'Callaghan

Commended 2015: Elizabeth Bishop, Arup