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This fractal array of decaying tetrahedra was designed in close collaboration with artist Conrad Shawcross for the Royal Academy of Arts 2015 Summer Exhibition. It has since been exhibited at Dumaine du Muy, Chatsworth House and Frieze Art Fair as well as being sold to private collections in Ancona, Italy and Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. A permanent version is due to be installed in 2017 in Guo Rui Square, Beijing.


The original rule-based arrangement was fabricated from twenty five tonnes of weathering steel, profile cut and welded into more than six thousand tetrahedra and supported on tripods. The development of the rule-based arrangements, proportion studies, CNC cutting patterns, structural analysis, tripod design and component scheduling was all carried out by Structure Workshop.





The practice was founded by Peter Laidler in 2004 and is responsible for a diverse portfolio of contemporary structures including buildings, pavilions and large-scale artworks.


Across all projects there is a commitment to collaboration and engagement and an enthusiasm for beautiful architecture and design. This has resulted in a series of carefully detailed and widely acclaimed projects, both permanent and temporary across the United Kingdom and internationally.



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