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A new feature staircase for Grade I Listed Somerset House incorporates treads of highly-engineered fibre reinforced concrete supported on a lattice of stainless steel. The four storey structure has 104 steps and landings fixed together with traditional shear keys modified to accommodate the high forces generated by the spiral form. Moulds were hand-made in northern Italy and components cast to close fit. The structural system is based on a conventional scissor stair with additional support from rod suspension systems. The stainless steel newel, manufactured in Newcastle, functions as a vibration damper.








The engineering of the tallest residential timber structure in the world has extended Technikers expertise in wooden building construction. The solid laminated lumber tower comprises nine storeys of apartments developed as a cross-wall structure. The load-bearing elements are very strong and stiff and design issues centred on providing resistance to progressive collapse and good acoustic separation between apartments and circulation areas. One hundred thirty tonnes of softwood, delivered to London in eight lorry loads from Austria has offset 50 tonnes of carbon.








We deliver the full range of structural and civil engineering services with imagination and a holistic understanding of architectural aspirations. We listen and analyse, use our experience and explore beyond expectations to produce best-value solutions. Our dedication to a successful project realisation means we are responsive and in tune with even the smallest design detail. We have won many awards for our work which ranges from buildings and bridges to furniture and public art.



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Sandal Magna Community Primary is one of the most carbon efficient in the UK.