Talk / Tuesday 18 September, 6.30pm

We (Wish We had) Made That

Tuesday 18 September, 6.30pm



The Building Centre, Store Street, London WC1


Please note that this event has been postponed from 18 July 2018.


Free to attend


An occasional Engineering Club social evening open to Engineering Club members and their guests. The evening is essentially a social open-mic event for you and your colleagues to share a drink in a creative environment but to add a little extra entertainment we are inviting member practices to put forward a short presentation of 5 minutes (10 slides) to stir up the conversation and show their appreciation of engineering culture (or any other culture for that matter)!


Presentations are individual or collective efforts and not necessarily related to engineering about ‘stuff’ that people think is fantastic – they might have even made it themselves, but usually it is things they really admire.


This time around presentations include:

Toby McLean, Entuitive - "A Luddite Eulogy",

Sophie LeBourva, Arup - "Glorious Future",

Paul Wood, Elliott Wood -"Dubai '76",

Tony Wills, Wills Watson Associates - "D-Form Geometry",

Francis Archer, Arup "3 Thoughts",

Christian Spencer-Davies, AMODELS - "Windcheetah",

Malcolm Turpin, Arup "Brunelleschi's Dome",

Andrew Scoones, ngenuity - "M Hulot's Holiday",

Ciaran Malik, EngineersHRW - "Japanese Joints", Geoff Morrow, StructureMode - "Tensegrity".


All presentations will be critiqued (but not judged) according to spontaneity, brevity, coherence, content, entertainment value and subversive intent.


Free beer / wine and light refreshments. If we run out there will be a pay bar.


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The Arch of Ctesiphon in Mesopotamia presented by Mathew Wells of Techniker previously