Designed and built as a response to an extremely inaccessible site, this light and simple bridge provides pedestrian and quad bike access to the eastern part of a 400

acre vineyard divided by the river L’Argens.


The bridge is low in weight and impact, with the span lifted into a graceful camber to reduce the chances of water-borne debris hitting the bridge in a flood. Most elements have a dual structural and design purpose  and the handrail and decking are parts of the primary load-spreading system.


The balustrade infill was formed with an open mesh uniting the bridge deck and the handrail as a truss which spreads any applied loading along the bridge. Scoop

foundations were used to resist the catenary forces in the weak alluvial soil with a single mast sat on the only stable ground, a rocky outcrop on the southern bank.


The 15 fabricated sections and supporting cables were transported to site for assembly and hauled into place one by one using an overhead zip wire spanning the river.

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Webb Yates Engineers was established in

2005. The aim of the founding directors

was to create a practice that combined

imagination with technical rigour to create artful and inventive structural designs.


Since then the company has flourished. We have been successful in competitions and won several awards for our work including a prestigious Institute of Structural Engineers Commendation Award. Our team enjoys collaboration with architects and other designers. We also work for many specialist fabricators, so that we understand how things are manufactured and built.


As well as mainstream construction materials such as steel and concrete we work with a wide selection of other materials which has expanded our knowledge and exercised our ability to approach unusual problems and solve them in a practical and considered way.



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tel: 020 3696 1550



Private staircase, inspired by ‘Staircase III’ by Do-Ho Suh. Photography by Agnese Sanvito.